Culture Jam Weimar

Audiovisual Performance with
MXZEHN, Anne Delakowitz, Bora Simsek, Can Tan, Cem Tan,
Christoph Höfferl, Cyril Fayard, Dilek Acay, Frédéric Blancot
Gaye Su Akyol, Jérémy Perrouin, Thomas Prestin, Tilman Porschütz

Workshop Leader: Max Schreiner (Weimar)
Project Concept: Katja Schäfer
Project Coordination: Cassandra Mehlhorn

Musicians from various nationalities and genres – from the classical direction to jazz and punk came together for a 3day sound workshop in Weimar. The final “Audio Jam” at E-Werk Weimar was accompanied by visuals from media artists Stefan Kraus and Bahadir Hamdemir (MXZEHN).

Hosted by
e-werk weimar e.V

Funded by
Europäische Kommission
Stadt Weimar
Thüringer Kultusministerium
Sparkasse Mittelthüringen

In the frame of “bauhaus lab weimar”.

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